Full Name
Jonathan Steuer
Job Title
EVP of TV Strategy & Currency
As EVP of TV Strategy & Currency at VideoAmp, Steuer is tasked with driving the strategy behind the company’s further development of a currency-grade transaction-ready TV dataset for the entire advertising ecosystem, including buyers, sellers, delivery providers and other adjacent vendors, to transact upon. Jonathan has been actively involved in emerging media for over 25 years as an innovator in media research and audience-based media planning.

Prior to joining VideoAmp, Steuer served as Chief Research Officer at Omnicom Media Group and is the founder of Anonymous Media Research, a media research, strategy and measurement consulting firm. Previous positions include TiVo where he held the role of Chief Research Officer and AT&T Adworks where he managed the design and deployment of their pioneering cross-media (TV+ online+ mobile) research effort.
Jonathan Steuer