New Tech Strategies for New Businesses and Profits
March 23-24 | 1PM ET

As the traditional TV businesses undergo radical changes, “Technology Leadership Summit” is designed to help executives and technologists develop innovative new tech strategies that will help build new businesses and revenues in 2021 and beyond. This year’s Summit comes at a pivotal point in the history of television.

Technologies Shaping the Future Media Landscape
March 25-26 | 10AM ET

 Returning in 2021 to explore the technologies and trends driving evolutionary change in today's media industry. Learn how the market's leading authorities are evolving their businesses for tomorrow's world.

The Business of NextGen TV
March 25-26 | 1PM ET

This inaugural Summit will be the television industry’s new and authoritative benchmark for assessing the progress and ideating the future. Hear current thinking from some of NextGenTV’s leading executives.

Celebrating the people and products shaping the future of media technology


 The Tech Leadership Awards go to executives who have made notable contributions to improve the way their companies and the industry has used or deployed technology that have led the TV, digital, streaming and multichannel industries into new directions. 


Celebrating the best innovations of 2020 across 50 Media Entertainment categories including; ATSC 3.0 technologies, Lighting technologies, Audio technologies, Camera technologies and Cloud-based services & IP technologies.