Full Name
Robert Pappas
Job Title
UAS Integration Office, AUS-410
Federal Aviation Administration
Robert has over 33 years of innovative aviation experience rich in Unmanned Aircraft Systems integration, aviation safety research, and system safety engineering. Robert’s engineering career includes more than 20 years with the Federal Aviation Administration as well as 13 years with the Naval Air Systems Command. In his last assignment as Manager of Program and Data Management in the FAA UAS Integration Office, Washington, DC, Robert was responsible for implementing and managing special programs, including projects directed by Congress and the President, to accelerate the integration of complex large-scale projects in all airspaces. Robert’s proven leadership has profoundly transformed the integration of UAS operations into the National Airspace System and influenced development of regulations and operational concepts. Robert implemented and managed the following transformative UAS integration programs: Section 333 exemptions, the UAS Pathfinder Program, the President’s UAS Integration Pilot Program, and the UAS Partnership for Safety Program. Prior to his UAS assignment, Robert managed the FAA Aviation Safety Research Program on behalf of the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety.
Robert Pappas