Full Name
Jim DeChant
Job Title
VP, Technology
News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting
With over his 35 years in the cable and television industry Jim DeChant has focused on utilizing best in class technologies to develop creation and distribution systems for news, entertainment, educational and advertising content.

As an active board member of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) DeChant has helped craft the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. He has published materials related to the emerging broadband/broadcast ecosystem and worked with the NAB PILOT team on a framework utilizing the application layer of ATSC 3.0. He has helped host several interoperability testing events at the NPG KSBB-CD ATSC 3.0 facility in Santa Barbara. Technologies tested at these events will ultimately be utilized by content creators, television broadcasters, advertisers and others to provide targeted content in distribution systems of the future.

As VP of Technology for News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting he is keeping pace with technology and seeking new ways to reach the ever expanding universe of content consumers. Jim is focused on user convenience and their application experience. His goal is to create a ubiquitous application experience that spans web, mobile, streaming and advanced television broadcast transmission services.
Jim DeChant